What A Wealth Manager Can Do For You

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What A Wealth Manager Can Do For You

If there is one thing that is constant in life, it’s change. There are “seasons” of life just like seasons of the year. However, the “seasons” of life are different in that there is no predetermined date or age that someone automatically shifts “season”, or life stage. Unfortunately, there are no absolute truths when it comes to investing and your finances; no rule book of set instructions that would financially benefit every person at every stage of his or her life. Here is where we can help.

What Do Wealth Managers Do?

What we do as wealth managers is help people, just like you, strive to achieve the milestones in life that they have been dreaming of and working toward. Are you saving to buy your first home or first car? Are you trying to decide how to save for your childrens’ college education while you’re still making payments on your own student loans? Have you recently changed jobs and received new employee benefits you want to maximize? Maybe your focus is planning your estate, saving for retirement, and laying the ground work for your legacy? Or you’ve already retired? Not everyone is working to achieve the same milestones and this list is by no means all-inclusive.

At Virtus Wealth Management, we believe we can help you no matter what age you are, what life stage you are in, or how much money you’re working with. We pride ourselves on having built a team of wealth managers with expertise in different aspects of wealth management that compliment each other. So as a client of Virtus, you will partner and work with one of our wealth managers who truly get’s to know you, your life, and your goals, while still having access to the expertise our other wealth managers provide.

Your wealth manager will partner with you to build a tailor-made plan that you are confident in. Why is planning so important? Per a Palo Alto Software study in 2016, a business is twice as likely to be successful if it has a written plan. Your financial future is not unlike a business, and not to be cheesy, but you are the CEO. If you hypothetically had an idea or business that you sincerely believed in, would you just leave it to luck and assume the finances would figure themselves out later? This would not be the most effective option. Instead, seek the guidance of a professional wealth manager with experience, who can help you establish a written plan to pursue your milestones, update that plan as your life and goals change, and ultimately maximize the efficiency of your wealth.

Not Just Investment Advice

As your wealth manager, we offer more than just investment advice. Our holistic approach allows us to look at your life in the big picture so we can assess all the factors that affect your unique situation. If you took a fragmented approach to your finances, important key components can be missed that could affect not only the right approach to take regarding your finances but also the outcome. You may be able to benefit from working with a wealth manager to coordinate and unify the decisions in your financial life, so that those decisions complement each other and work to produce enhanced results.

Some of the aspects of your financial life that we can help you with are tax reduction strategies, risk reduction, milestone planning, investments and asset allocation, estate planning, as well as 401k rollover services and Roth Conversions.

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If you’d like more details and specifics regarding how we can help you at this particular time in your life, we offer complimentary consultations during which you can get a better understanding of who we are and what you can gain from working with our team.

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The information provided here is for general information only and should not be considered an individualized recommendation or personalized investment advice.

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