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by | Dec 10, 2020

We are approaching the end of 2020 (Yay!) and it’s time to prepare for 2021 by using the month of December to focus on our relationships.  It is the month of Christmas after all!  What better time to focus on friends, family, and relationships than DECEMBER?!?!  It is also the perfect time to bake for the fun of baking … hello Christmas cookies!

Here are 5 practical and powerful ways to focus on your relationships and finish 2020 strong!

  1. Communicate – December can be a busy month. Take the time and commit to proactively,constantly communicate with your friends and family.  When you slow down and do this, youwill build trust and your relationships will become stronger.
  2. Connect – Intentionally connect with someone every day. Dig deeper.  Take communication one step further.  Ask them how they are doing and really listen.  Have a meaningful conversation.
  3. Commit – If you want commitment from others, you have to show your commitment to them. It starts with you.  Commitment always looks like service and sacrifice.  Demonstrate that WE is more important than ME. Lead by example.
  4. Care -Show your family and friends that you care by performing acts of kindness. Show appreciation.  Write a thank you note.  Hold a door open. Do the dishes.    Serve in your community.  Family and friends that carebuild greatness together.
  5. Cookies – Baking Christmas cookies together as a family and, better yet, eating them together and / or delivering them to friends is a great finale to focusing on relationships in December. Please enjoy this fun,easy Christmas cookie recipe!  You can find the recipe here.


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