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Photo of Karen Spence, CRPC® and Josh Hubman, CFP® in offices of Virtus Wealth financial advisorsSuccessful wealth management extends beyond financial planning and investing. Wealth management is, by definition, a holistic approach to understanding and providing solutions to all of the major financial challenges of an investor’s financial life. We strive to help each client reach his or her specific financial goals with an in-depth understanding of their values and objectives, and by using sound practical strategies of wealth management.

Three essential components of true wealth management (finanical planning is a part of that):

  • A goal-based process
  • Customized choices and solutions
  • Client partnership

As a wealth manager, we focus on your total wealth by seeking strategies to:

  • Reduce taxes
  • Reach financial goals
  • Preserve wealth
  • Achieve legacy goals

Our approach allows us to look at the big picture and assess all the factors that affect your unique situation. A fragmented approach to finances leads to inefficiencies that can erode your financial future. More specifically, we would miss important key components that will affect not only our approach to your finances, but also the outcome. By bringing all of the various pieces together we will create a tailor-made, stress-tested plan that ensures you are confident in the potential of your financial future.

Virtus Wealth Management is an independent Southlake wealth management firm with no proprietary products or investments, thereby offering the strategies well suited to a clients’ needs. We provide professional financial planning advice with regard to taxes, investments, insurance, estate planning, pensions, retirement planning, IRA rollover, capital needs analysis, business succession planning, asset management, and general financial advice. Most importantly, we focus on your financial goals so you can focus on living your life.

No strategy assures or protects against loss.

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