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by | Sep 10, 2020

You may not like the game of golf or you might be addicted to it, but in any case, I’m sure you are at least familiar with the game. There are three basic aspects to the game which are driving, irons and putting. These also happen to be perfect metaphors for three different aspects of your financial life.

It is understood that hitting your driver is perhaps the hardest club to swing as it is the longest club, the ball goes the farthest and you can put the ball nicely in the fairway, or you can also stray your ball into the rough, trees, water, or even out of bounds. Iron play is what puts a golfer on the green allowing you to score, but again you may end up in the water or a sand trap instead. Putting is what actually puts the ball into the cup and you realize an actual score. Now to put this in financial terms:

Driving – So, in your financial life, working in your occupation, job, profession, or business is like “driving”. It’s the hardest, goes the longest and can get off track from time to time. But this is what leads to creating the funds or assets that you take to the “green”.

Irons – Putting those assets to work is the “iron play”, which includes acquiring financial products such as investments and insurance assets. Consulting with a financial professional, like pro golfers consult with their caddies, helps you aim to avoid the “sand traps, rough and water” when going to the “green”.

Putting – Now that you are on the “green” with your assets in place, it is time to score. Like “putting”, this should be the easiest. But, if you “misread” taxes, inflation, market risks, disability, death and lawsuits, you can “three-putt” or worse.

Here at Virtus Wealth Management, we are happy to talk with you about your golf game, however, we may not be able to offer much help in that area. But we are good at offering help with your financial life and we enjoying doing so. We welcome the opportunity to listen and partner with you.

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