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by | Jun 16, 2017

Last year, Pew Research Center spent some time collecting data about dads. They found some interesting facts:

  1. In 2012, there were almost 200,000 stay-at-home dads taking care of about 370,000 children. A stay-at-home dad is married, has children younger than 15 and does not work for at least one year, opting instead to care for the kids while his wife works.
  1. The amount of time the average dad spends with his children tripled between 1965 and 2011. In 1965, dads spent about 2.5 hours with their children each week. In 2011, this time had increased to about 7.3 hours each week.
  1. Fathers spend more time on housework than they used to – about 9.8 hours each week in 2011. But they haven’t caught up with moms yet. Mothers spend almost 18 hours a week on housework.
  1. On Father’s Day, many dads just want to spend some quality time with their families (40 percent). Some don’t want any other gift; however, those who do want a gift thought gift cards, tech gadgets, electronics, home improvement items, sporting goods, tickets, or lessons would be nice.

No matter how much research is done, you are the only one who has the true measure of your father. Celebrate him accordingly!

You’re also the only one who has a full understanding of your financial goals and priorities and the ways in which they may have changed during the past year. If we haven’t completed a financial review recently, please give us a call.

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