What Is In-Store for 2014?

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by | Jan 24, 2014

Now that 2014 is in full swing, we here at Virtus Wealth Management would like to wish you a happy prosperous New Year! Looking back at 2013, it was an exciting year for equity investors with gains ranking in the top 12 overall in the last century(I), while the fixed income market has experienced a less remarkable year with uncertainty from the Federal Reserve. With 2013 under wraps, the question moves to what should we expect for the coming year.

We have prepared a short letter outlining our expectations for 2014 and will be mailing these out this week. Keep an eye out for them because it will give insight into:

  • What to expect of domestic stocks. Will the bull rage on?
  • What International markets will shine in 2014? Is emerging market a place to be or will they continue to lag?
  • Will Gold return to new highs? Do we see a 50% increase from current levels?
  • Is Fixed Income dead?

We look forward to a prosperous 2014. Virtus Wealth Management is grateful for many things, including our great relationship with you as well as a very good year in 2013.

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